Elevation Lofts Hotel Offers Comfortable, Pet-Friendly Stays in Downtown Asheville

Elevation Lofts Hotel Offers Comfortable, Pet-Friendly Stays in Downtown Asheville

Since opening its doors in 2019, Elevation Lofts Hotel has been committed to providing pet-friendly stays to its customers. “Being pet-friendly is part of who Elevation Lofts Hotel is,” says general manager John Zellers. “The owners and general manager are all avid dog lovers who love to take their dogs with them when they travel. We absolutely love meeting guests and their dogs; it brings smiles to our faces when we see our guests and their dogs enjoying everything that Asheville has to offer.”

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Whenever a guest checks in with a dog, the staff places a bag of dog treats from their business partner, Botanical Bones, in their hotel room. Elevation Lofts also provides guests with large and small dog bowls so pet owners do not have to worry about bringing their own.

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Located in the heart of downtown Asheville, Elevation Lofts is only a 5- to 10-minute walk from bars and restaurants that also encourage guests to bring their pets. “People who travel with their pets should keep in mind that, for some dogs, travel can be stressful, and being exposed to new environments can add to that stress,” Zellers says. “We ask our guests not to leave their dogs alone in the units as they go out and explore. Take your dog(s) with you and enjoy all that Asheville and the surrounding area has to offer.”

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There are few rules for dog stays. Elevation only asks that dogs be “well-behaved, house-trained and current on all vaccinations,” says Zellers. Dogs must also be kept on short leashes when outside of their owners’ rooms.

“The welcoming of our furry ‘kids’ makes the hotel extra special and transforms it into a pet-friendly haven for them,” says Sheila Nichols, a recent Elevation guest. “It creates a special niche that appeals to pet owners, such as ourselves, setting it apart from others. We love making ourselves at home, cooking delicious meals, relaxing by the fireplace… and enjoying all the comforts of home.”

Elevation Lofts partners with Momentum Gallery, which owns the first two floors of the building, exhibiting fine art in its nearly 15,000 square feet. In addition, many common areas and even some guest rooms at Elevation Lofts display art from Momentum.

“All of our units come with washers, dryers and dishwashers along with full kitchens that are fully stocked,” says Zellers. “You have everything you need for you and your family to have an amazing experience.”

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